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Gallery of Glasgow Living Candidates. No. v.

1832: Representation of the People Acts

Author: Anon

Publication: Glasgow Evening Post; and Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer

Published: 15 December 1832

Place of publication: Glasgow, Scotland

Publication type: Newspaper/Periodical

Featured individuals:
King William IV (1765-1837)

No full copy of this poem is available.

This poem has a set tune, and its title is:
Is there for Honest Poverty.

Archive/Library: Mitchell Library, Glasgow
Classmark(s): Hard copy: BX 43
Pages(s): 1

This poem is part of a column that ran in every issue running up to the election for the 'first reformed parliament' in December 1832.  The poem begins with four lines that invoke Burns's poem 'A Man's a Man for a' that' or 'Is there for Honest Poverty'.  The speaker of the poem proper distances itself from 'Boroughmongering' peers, who 'would gaily ride [...] over poor folks', and instead styles itself as 'the People's friend'.  The poem then ironically notes that killing poor people could be beneficial, as there are so many people now healthy and thriving since the reform bill.  The poem praises the King and also notes that this new 'reformed' age is a revival of the golden age - 'the good OLD TIMES [...] of Britain's Glory'.