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1832: Representation of the People Acts

Author: Anon

Publication: Glasgow Chronicle

Published: 20 July 1831

Place of publication: Glasgow, Scotland

Publication type: Newspaper/Periodical

A full copy of this poem is available.

Archive/Library: Mitchell Library, Glasgow
Classmark(s): Hard copy: BX 42a
Pages(s): 1

A female speaker here makes many comparisons uses the language of franchise reform to describe her relationship.  Her husband is a 'wretch' that she does not know how to act around: 'If once to please the wretch I stood to mend, / Say can you tell me where the thing may end!'.  She wonders if she should 'reform', and stand 'on the Bill' while also including many mocking phrases: 'extend the electoral franchise of his frown'.  The poem is written in a staccato style that makes it very difficult to understand.