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A New Song, To Be Sung by All Loyal and True Subjects

1832: Representation of the People Acts

Author: Anon

Publication: Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

Publisher: William Blackwood

Published: February 1832

Place of publication: Edinburgh, Scotland

Publication type: Newspaper/Periodical

Featured individuals:
King William IV (1765-1837)
Henry Brougham (1778-1868)

No full copy of this poem is available.

Archive/Library: National Library of Scotland
Classmark(s): The Blackwood's Magazine: reel no. 29
Pages(s): 286-288

This poem appears in a dialogue between two characters, North and Tickler, in Blackwood's 'Noctes Ambrosianae' series.  In the poem, the speakers assert their support for the King, but opposition to his allies the Whigs.  They ask the lord to 'defend us' from the 'Regicide Bill' - a reference to the fact that some believed that the Reform Bill would lead to a rise of the 'mob' that would overthrow the monarchy.  They also ask the King to defend them from the 'Bedlamite Whigs', who are portrayed as bullying the King.