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Huzza for Honest Aytoun!

1832: Representation of the People Acts
1867-8: Representation of the People Acts

Author: Anon

Publication: Huzza for Honest Aytoun!

Place of publication: Edinburgh, Scotland

Publication type: Broadside

Featured individuals:
James Aytoun (1797-1881)
John Campbell (1779-1861)

A full copy of this poem is available.

Further information:

This poem has a set tune, and its title is:
The auld wife ayont the fire.

Archive/Library: National Library of Scotland
Classmark(s): H.17.a.39(9); RB.m.143(182); ABS.10.203.01(103); RB.l.54(44,68)

This poem can almost certainly be attributed to 1834, as it is an election poem and it refers to the other candidates the radical James Aytoun challenged for the Edinburgh seat at the 1834 General Election.  His Whig opponent is John Campbell, described as a 'Lunnun lawyer loon', in some versions 'Lunnon' who could never compete with Aytoun.  The Whigs are portrayed as liars in this poem and the speaker states that 'we've been cheated with The Bill' - a reference to the dissatisfaction some (particularly radical voters) felt after the Reform Bill was passed.  Aytoun is portrayed as the only figure who can remedy these ills.  In some versions of the broadside, a grotesque face appears above the poem.