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The Triumph of Reform

1832: Representation of the People Acts

This poem instructs the 'sons of Scotia' to make 'tyrants tremble'.  The poem portrays Earl Grey, Russell, Hume and 'Dan', presumably Daniel O'Connell, as brave (pro-reform) figures.  Although the speaker expresses loyalty to the King, it does not appear to be uncondititional: the speaker believes that the King 'shouldn't strip us of our rights'.  Reform is portrayed as a cause that will bring the 'big-bellied rogues down' and the poem concludes by urging people to give three cheers to 'the men of Birmingham' - perhaps a reference to the agitation in Birmingham, which was, for a time, garrisoned by the Scots Greys.  There are no publication details with this broadside, so we cannot be certain of the place or date of publication, but there is a handwritten note at the bottom of this broadside, which states '24 July 1832', which may indicate a publication date.