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A New Song. Dedicated to the Reform Committee of Dalkeith in honour of the triumph of Reform

1832: Representation of the People Acts

This song, dedicated to the Reform Committee of Dalkeith, celebrates the triumph of Reform.  The song portrays John Russell running towards the speaker with the Reform Bill in his hand; he is described as bringing 'liberty'.  In contrast to this, the Tories and the 'bishop louns' (who were broadly opposed to parliamentary reform) are reprimanded by the speaker.  The Tories, such as George Murray, are portrayed as a 'vermin pest'.  The speaker expresses their loyalty to the Whigs and to the King and Queen, while proposing that the Tories be sent to Botany Bay, implying that they are criminals.  There are no publication details with this poem, but there is a handwritten note at the bottom of the broadside, '25 July 1832', which may indicate the date of publication.