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The New Chevy Chase

1832: Representation of the People Acts

This long poem is accompanied by an illustration representing a man on a horse, 'Lord John upon a Gallant Grey', a line from the poem and a reference to the pro-reform Whigs, John Russell and Earl Grey.  The poem begins by criticising the Tories' love of their 'borough towns' and it then portrays the rise of Whigs because the people 'were rous'd for freedom's sake'.  There is then a debate between Whig and Tory politicians which results in a battle and the Whigs are portrayed as winning, but then Earl Grey is slain.  King William is then portrayed as saving the people by creating 'an hundred Peers' to secure the passing of the Reform Bill.  Lord Harrow and Philpots also referenced, but it is not clear who this refers to.  No publication date is printed on this pamphlet but it is most likely from mid-1832.