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Charlie Grey's Come Again!

1832: Representation of the People Acts

This song, written in Scots, which celebrates the Whigs' recovery following the 'days of May' when the Tories had the opportunity to form a government.  Wellington is portrayed as wanting to 'trample a' our necks' while Grey is portrayed as a supporter of 'good auld Caledon' - Scotland.  The poem then notes the fall of various Tories now that 'Charlie Grey's come again'.  Several political figures are referenced in this section, including some that are tough to identify: Sinclair, Maitland, Scott, and Bigson.  Scott may refer to Walter Scott, a Tory who is here portrayed as telling 'a lying tale'.   The poem closes by praising the 'Scottish dames' over German women: these Scottish women, the speaker states, will 'spunk us up to fect or fa''.  No publication details are printed on the song so it is not clear where and when the song was published.