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Bob and Nosey's Lament on the Passing o the English Reform Bill

1832: Representation of the People Acts

This broadside consists of a dialogue with characters frequently responding in verse.  The two characters are 'Nosey' (Wellingotn) and 'Bob' (most likely Robert Peel).  In the broadside, Nosey expects that he has triumphed over the Reform movement but Bob tells him that it's all over - that the King has 'given your place unto Lord Grey'.  This is a comment on the 'Days of May' in 1832 when Wellington briefly had the opportunity of forming a government and preventing the pro-Reform Whigs from leading parliament, but he couldn't put a government together.  Bob also tells Nosey that the 'Scotch Greys have joined the Political Union at Birmingham' - the Scots Greys garrisoned Birmingham then during the public agitation.  No publication details are printed on this poem, so we cannot be sure of where or when it was published, but there is a handwritten note at the bottom of the broadside, 9 July 1832, which may refer to the publication date.