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Bottom's Song

1832: Representation of the People Acts

Author: Anon

Publication: Reform Songs and Squibs

Publisher: Printed by Peter Brown

Place of publication: Edinburgh, Scotland

Publication type: Book

Featured individuals:
William Aitchison
John Archibald Murray (1778-1859)

A full copy of this poem is available.

This poem has a set tune, and its title is:
The Lammie.

Archive/Library: Aberdeen University Library
Classmark(s): 82 (41) 17 Ref
Pages(s): 54-56

This collection is published by Peter Brown.  Brown was a 'ten pounder', newly enfranchised by the 1832 Reform Bill, but he was bitterly anti-Whig.  This poem forms an attack on 'Bottom', almost certainly a reference to the Whig John Archibald Murray.  The poem, written in Scots, relates 'Bottom' returning home, stating that the people of Leith and Musselburgh have 'leuch[ed], and cruck'd their mou, / And cried - Awa wi' Bottom!'.  He is attacked for being 'pensioned' (receiving a pension) and being 'fause and greedy'.