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Who is Sylvia?

1918: Representation of the People Act

Author: Anon [Symposial?]

Publication: Edinburgh Evening Dispatch

Published: 24 April 1912

Place of publication: Edinburgh, Scotland

Publication type: Book

Featured individuals:
Christabel Pankhurst (1880-1958)
Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960)

No full copy of this poem is available.

Archive/Library: National Library of Scotland
Classmark(s): Mf.N.349
Pages(s): 4

Due to the quality of this microfilm, it is not entirely clear who the author of this poem is, it appears to be a pseudonym, 'Symposial'.  The poem, a 'new version' we are told, describes Sylvia, 'sister of fair Christabel', who is 'immured in modest hiding' (in America).  We are also told that Sylvia heaps 'eloquence' on 'unskirted evils', presumably a reference to the suffragettes.