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[Ye lordly loons, and worthless peers]

1884: Representation of the People Act

Author: Anon

Publication: Evening Times

Published: 27 September 1884

Place of publication: Glasgow, Scotland

Publication type: Newspaper/Periodical

No full copy of this poem is available.

Archive/Library: Mitchell Library, Glasgow
Classmark(s): Microfilm
Pages(s): 3

This poem appears in an article on the ‘Franchise Demonstration at Paisley – To-day’, which, we are told, was the ‘last of the more important political gatherings which have taken place in Scotland over the rejection of the measure for the extension of the franchise by the House of Lords’. At the event, many banners featuring poetic mottos were carried and they are detailed in this article.  This motto was carried by the 'Engineers' and it reads: 'Ye lordly loons, and worthless peers, / Beware of Paisley's engineers'.