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Our Local Poets, Number 224

1918: Representation of the People Act

Author: William Brown

Publication: Gleniffer and Glen Rosa and other Poems

Publisher: Alex. Gardner

Published: 1912

Place of publication: Paisley, Scotland

Publication type: Book

No full copy of this poem is available.

Archive/Library: Paisley Central Library
Pages(s): 40-43

This poem of 11 stanzas celebrates Paisley's poetry culture and names a good many poets, some of whom feature elsewhere in the database. Local poets mentioned (in order): McLaren, Borland, Smith, King, Tannahill, Wilson, Motherwell, Cathcart, Macdonald, Murdoch, Yool, Park, Lamb, Lorimer, Gilmour, Mitchell, Fleming, Carlile, H.K..This poem highlights how, by the Edwardian years of the early twentieth century, a local lineage of poets had developed that was closely tied to Paisley's radical reputation. While this poem does not have a political message, many of the poets named wrote political verse. See Robert Brown, Paisley Poets (Paisley, 1889) for further information.