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The People’s Voice team would like to thank:

Our funders, the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

Bill Adair

Thomas Barclay (Carnegie Library, Ayr)

Florence Boos (University of Iowa)

Alison Chapman (University of Victoria)

Ann Donald (Scottish Parliament)

Erin Farley (University of Strathclyde)

Frank Ferguson (Ulster University)

Hamish Fraser

Centre for Robert Burns Studies (University of Glasgow)

Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies (University of Glasgow)

Chancellor’s Fund (University of Glasgow)

Duncan Hotchkiss (University of Stirling)

Sheila Kidd (University of Glasgow)

Craig Lamont (Centre for Robert Burns Studies, University of Glasgow)

Cathlin MacAulay (School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh)

Kathleen Jo Macdonald

Meg MacDonald (College of Arts, University of Glasgow)

Andrew McGregor (Special Collections, University of Aberdeen)

Ross McGregor (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons)

Athole McLauchlan

Ralph McLean (National Library of Scotland)

Adam McNaughtan

Alison and Fiona McNeill

Shona Masson (previously, An Lochran)

Jon Mee (University of York)

Mark Nixon

Bill Nolan (Irvine Burns Club)

David Oswald (Library and Information Services, Aberdeen City Council)

Adele Patrick (Glasgow Women’s Library)

Sarah Pedersen (Robert Gordon University)

John Powles (Janey Buchan Political Song Collection, University of Glasgow)

Lynne Robertson (Education Scotland)

Mike Sanders (University of Manchester)

David Weir (Heritage Centre, Paisley Central Library)