A New Whig Garland

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Broadside ballad by ‘C. McK’, 1832.

After the first Reform Bill passed, most reformers continued to back the Whigs or the radicals, and remained suspicious of the Tories (who opposed the bill).  In this song, the speaker encourages the reader to vote in general and to vote in particular for both of the Whig candidates for the two Edinburgh seats at the 1832 General Election: James Abercrombie and Francis Jeffrey, who were both reformers.

Performer: Adam McNaughtan.

Air: ‘A begging we will go’.

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I am a freeman tight and sound,

Of Edinbro’s fine town;

For trade and lads of honest heart,

A place of high renown.

And a voting we will go, will go

And a voting we will go.

Two members for the Parliament

We suddenly must choose,

Good men and true take care they be,

Who won’t their trust abuse.

There’s Jamie Abercrombie, lads,

A town’s-bred bird, I swear,

Who to your cause and interests true,

No pains did ever spare.

And next there’s Francis Jeffrey,

Was bred a lawyer here;

And fights for us ’gainst Londoners

Without dismay or fear.

They’ve served us well in times of peace,

And served us well in war;

They love a Sailor in their hearts,

Nor hate the smell of tar.

They know what cargoes are, and how

Our barks may find employ,

And when we thrive the most in trade,

They feel the highest joy.

If these our members be, my lads,

Our cannons loud shall roar,

And open trade be carried on

O’er all the Indian shore.

Then honest lads, beware of lies,

Believe no idle story,

But strike at once for freedom’s cause

And down with every Tory!