Green Grow the Rashes O

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by T. E. J. for the suffragette newspaper Votes for Women, reprinted in Forward, 1913.

This comic adaptation of Burns’s ‘Green Grow the Rashes O’ comments on the window-smashing campaign carried out by the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). Further commentary on this poem can be found in our anthology.

Performers: The McNeill Sisters Duo

Air: ‘Green Grow the Rashes O’

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Green grow the rashes O,

Bang go the glasses O,

We have no pane, dear Mother, now,

Within our window sashes O.

For guid’s sake gi’e the lasses Votes,

Or onything they fancy O,

Or they will soon be at our throats,

They’re gettin’ maist unchancy O.

Green grow the rashes O,

Another window crashes O,

‘Twere better far to gi’e them votes

Than thole sic awfu’ bashes O!